Lightning Messenger Express Courier Service

Nobody realizes just how important a reliable courier service in San Marcos, California is until they have an important package get lost or delivered late when the company promised them that this wouldn't happen. It throws off meetings, makes customers angry, and it is just plain embarrassing and bad for business. Businesses and residents need a courier messenger service in San Marcos, California that they can count on. That is why more people are turning to Lighting Messenger Express for all of their courier needs. Read on to find out more about all of the benefits and services that we offer to all of our customers.

Reliable Service That is Always Fast

Lightning Express courier services in San Marcos, California offers same day delivery to a wide range of places. So when you need a package to get to a destination fast, we are the ones to call. Our delivery specialists focus on getting packages to the right place at the right time, no matter how far away the destination is.

Safe Delivery of Your Most Precious Items

When a customer hands off a package to a courier service that contains items that are delicate and valuable, they are trusting that company to take care of the package until it gets where it is supposed to go. So nothing is more frustrating to them than seeing it arrive broken or damaged beyond repair. Lighting Messenger Express in San Marcos, California understands our customers concerns. We treat each package with a great deal of care and concern. We don't throw our packages around like some delivery service companies do. Each one is handled like it is our own. Our courir messenger service in San Marcos, California is also insured. So just in case something accidentally does happen to your package that is beyond our control, the items inside it will be completely covered.

Easy Service Options

Lightning Express delivery service in San Marcos, California offers easy pick up and delivery options for our customers. All of the orders for our services can be placed either over the phone or online, so everyone can choose the best way to contact us that is the most convenient for them. If customers have any special requests or questions about the delivery of their package, they can let us know then. Our payment options are just as simple.

Nonstop Service

Unfortunately, many companies that offer courier messenger service in San Marcos, California close for holidays and weekends. That means that all of their customers have the delivery of their packages delayed until the company returns back to work again. This can make the delivery of their packages late by up to three days if the holiday happens to fall on a Monday after a weekend. Our on time messegnger service in San Marcos, California doesn't rest until your package is delivered though. In fact, we never close. Our operations don't shut down for holidays or weekends at all. And we operate 24-hours a day throughout the year. That means that when you hire us to get a package delivered in a set amount of time, it will get there right when it is supposed to.

Business Benefits

Our courier messenger company in San Marcos, California does more than delivery to residential places. Many businesses hire our on time messegnger service in San Marcos, California because we offer warehousing and distribution services besides our regular delivery service options. That means our courier messenger company in San Marcos, California can help businesses who want to deliver a large volume of products to their customers on a regular basis. We can pick up all of the completed products and store them in one of our nearby warehouses. Then, the businesses can send us the customer's orders for the products, and we will ship all of them out where they need to go in a timely manner. This simplifies their business operations significantly because many companies simply do not have enough room to store all of their products and inventory in one central location like we do.

Free Quotes

Some people avoid ordering courier services because they feel like they might get tricked or scammed by a customer service representative that cares more about volume than the customer's personal needs. But we don't operate that way. Both business and residential customers can call us to get a free quote before they place their order for services, so there is no big surprise when it comes time to paying for their order. Our customer service representatives are honest and helpful too. They don't give any high-pressure sales pitches or force anyone to pay for services that they don't want. Our company prefers to focus on making sure that our customers get high quality service that they can trust, which is why so many of our customers come back to us after they try hiring another courir messenger company.

Special Pricing

It is a common belief that you get what you pay for when it comes to the delivery of a product. Some companies charge too much for their services, so people that try them out think that they must be the best. This couldn't be further from the truth though. Many courier services in San Marcos, California charge a high fee, but they offer poor services in return. Our rates for services are very reasonable in comparison with other companies, and we offer fast, reliable service to everyone who places their trust in us. But since so many companies promise this too, it is easier for us to show our customers that we mean what we say. So as an incentive for businesses and residential customers to give our company a try, we offer special pricing to all of our first time customers.