The Courier Service You Can Count On

When you want a package delivered on time to the right place, not just any courier service in Hollywood Hills, California will do. The service has to be reliable, fast, and affordable. That is why you should turn to Lightning Messenger Express for all of your delivery needs. Read on to find out more about all that we have to offer in business and residential services.

Affordable Courier Service Options

Our on time messenger service in Hollywood Hills, California is priced at rates that are affordable and fair, which is different than other coureier services in Hollywood Hills, California. Many of them charge customers way too much for deliveries that are only a short distance away. And they don't even offer half of the services that we do for the same price. This causes customers to have to pick and choose what packages that they want to have delivered, since they simply can't afford to send them all at once. At Lightning Messenger in Hollywood Hills, California, we believe that by keeping our prices in a reasonable range, our customers will be able to use our affordable courier service as often as they need to. This is especially important for our business customers who have a large volume of packages to ship out on a regular basis.

Service With a Smile

A good on time messenger service in Hollywood Hills, California should operate so smoothly and efficiently that no customer has to even think about what is going to happen to their package after they hand it over to be delivered. But many coureier services in Hollywood Hills, California don't work that way. Customers end up waiting in a long line for a ridiculous amount of time just to have a customer service representative be rude and mean to them. Our services at Lightning Express will put you at ease though. We will pick up your packages for you, so you don't even have to leave your home or office. And everything can be arranged online or over the phone. Just let us know when you are ready for the packages to be picked up, make your payment through our easy online system, and you're ready to go!

Safe and Secure Deliveries

Lightning Express in Hollywood Hills, California has become incredibly popular because of the way that we treat our packages. You won't find any of our staff throwing or slamming them around, and they won't arrive ripped or torn up. So there is no need to worry about your packages showing up in an embarrassing, disheveled mess. Each one will be delivered in the same condition that you gave it to us in. However, we do handle a large volume of packages though. So just as a preventative measure, our deliveries are all insured. That way, if any damage is accidentally caused to a package due to conditions that we can't control, the contents inside will be covered. This helps to give our customers peace of mind in knowing that they can truly trust us to take care of their valuable items.

Fast Delivery Options

There are many times that our customers have come to us to say that they need their package to arrive at its destination as fast as possible because it contains time-sensitive contents. That is why we offer one-day service options. These packages get prioritized to the top of the shipping list, so they will always get there in time. This doesn't mean that our other packages will be disregarded though. Each one is set on a particular delivery schedule that is arranged in the most efficient way possible. Some people might wonder how we are able to do all of this though. Well, it's simple. We never close down like other courier companies do. Lightning Messenger Express in Hollywood Hills, California operates around the clock all through the year. We haven't taken a day off yet, and we never will. This ensures that our customers get their packages delivered when we say that they will be there, not three days late because it happened to be a holiday.

Special Shipping Options for Businesses

Sometimes, Lightning Messenger in Hollywood Hills, California gets business customers who need to store and ship out a large number of packages on a regular basis. So we have come up with some special shipping solutions just for them. We can pick up all of the packages of products that they have, store them in one of our local warehouses, and ship them out to wherever they need to go. This makes the distribution of their products much easier and more efficient because Messenger Express takes care of all of the inventory tracking of the packages for them. Businesses that want to learn more about this service can give us a call. We can even arrange for them to get a free quote.

Reliable Residential Services

At Messenger Express in Hollywood Hills, California, we don't forget about our residential customers just because they often ship a smaller amount of packages than businesses do. We ship packages from one residential area to another and from residential areas to businesses too. And no package is too small to have us deliver it. To encourage more residential customers to use Lightning Express courier service, we offer a special discount to all of them when they try out our services for the first time.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should call our courier service the next time that you want to have a package delivered. We offer affordable options for our high-quality services, so you can send out packages any time that you need to. So don't waste your time with other delivery services that you know that you can't trust. Call Lightning Express today!